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Born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri aka the "Show Me" state, Colin Rich is a multitalented singer, songwriter and producer. Colin's music style is heavily influenced by his personal struggle with drug abuse, women and rock n roll. In 2011, Colin relocated to Long Beach California and began performing at local venues and opening for various artists such as Andre Nickatina and Ace Hood. Colin Rich is continuously working on new projects and collaborating with other talented individuals to deliver over the top artistic content any viewer can enjoy and relate to.


  • Total Streams = 9,000+

  • Total Digital Audience = 6,000+

  • Total Followers = 7,031+

 ***updated (8.31.18)***

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The ElRey Theater, Los Angeles

Los Globos Theater, Los Angeles

The Airliner, Los Angeles

Sevillas, Long Beach

Kavila Lounge, Long Beach 

Apache Cafe, Atlanta 

The Fubar, St. Louis

Pops Night Club, St. Louis

Ciceros, St. Louis

Subterranean, Chicago

The Roxy, Denver

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